Your Guide for a Good Air Conditioner

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Your Guide for a Good Air Conditioner

The air conditioner has been a device of complete comfort in hot regions, and this generation of the human race isn’t the first to derive a means of cooling.

It’s been a thing of ages for people to desire a comfortable environment and from time past. They’ve all found a way to make their own warm or hot regions, cool and comfortable for their stay.

How does the air conditioner work?

An air conditioner doesn’t just cool a place but, it also dehumidifies the area by simply removing the moisture from the air. The components of an air conditioner include a compressor, and evaporator, a condenser, the fans and then the expansion valves.

This is how it works, the compressor converts the refrigerant gas into a liquid, and then this liquid is pumped into the cooling coil. After being pumped, it expands and then forms a gas that absorbs heat from the air that’s blown over the coil.

The expansion valves have the function of regulating how much liquid refrigerant will be pressed through the system from the condenser down to the evaporator. This system is a closed system and has its coolant circulating through the tubes to all the components. The moisture from the air will be condensed, while the temperature is reduced and routed to a pan, pail or the drain.

Types of Air-conditioning Units

There are different types of aircon, and they are as follows:

Portable AC

This AC is suitable for a single room of about 550 feet. It has also got other important features like its wheels, which were designed that way to make it portable, the oscillating louvres that bring the cooling effect, its digital thermostat, a remote control and very easy to place ducts. Just as it is portable, it is easy to use as well.

Window AC

mitsubishi converter outsideThe window AC is a bigger and more accommodating AC than the portable one. It can be used in a single room with about 1600 square feet and will be very effective. This Aircon has a very easy to access filter, it also has directional louvres, and it’s equally ductless. With it, comes a remote control for regulation and then a timer that helps to turn on or off the AC unit. It also has a variable speed fan and a digital thermostat just like the portable air conditioner. And so If this is your type, then you should get it.

Mini split air conditioner

The mini split air conditioner can be used in four single rooms, meaning it’s a lot bigger than the windows aircon. If you’re going to be getting this, then you might as well, know what’s in store for you. The minis split is a ductless unit with directional louvres, a remote control like the others, a timer and variable speed fan, an energy efficient compressor and a heat pump. People popularly use this unit with semi-large apartments or offices.

Central Air Conditioner

The central air con is one with a lot of features. It can be used for an entire building, yes it’s that big. Like every other unit, it’s got its variable speed fan, energy efficient compressor, ducts, a remote control, and a thermostat.

an exterior ac unit

But the unique thing about this thermostat is that it is programmable and can be used to set or change settings and preselected times, it has an option of fan only, and its dehumidification is also improved compared, to the other ones.

Furthermore, you can send this unit into a sleep mode using the timer, and also clean at will, or better still wait for the unit to show its filter light that signifies it’s cleaning time. The best thing about this unit is that its refrigerant is very environmentally friendly and will cause no hazardous damages, whether health or otherwise.

airflow control all day longWhen you’re looking to buy an air conditioner, you will first have to make a choice of which of these types suit you the most before you begin to consider the brand or the cost of it. If you can get the one that suits your apartment, there are different brands and online markets to buy from. You only need make a choice.


The benefits of an AC doesn’t even need to be explained tall more of over-emphasis. You already, know the level of comfort you would be getting from an air conditioner most especially if you’re in a hot region or your climate is always warm.

Getting the comfort is a real deal, but making the right choice is quite another, and it’s important that you make a choice before stepping out to make this exciting purchase.

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