The Incredible Success of the Dyson Brand

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The Incredible Success of the Dyson Brand

Dyson Brand History

Dyson Brand company is British-based firm that works in the manufacture and design of equipment such as bladeless fans and vacuum cleaners among many others.

It’s regarded as a multinational company with several employees and company branches located all over the world. The company started when the founder, James Dyson encountered some complications with the traditional wheelbarrow design that he deemed as fatiguing and inconvenient.

For this reason, he went on to produce his unique prototype that was prevalently known as the ball barrow. Besides that, Dyson once bought a vacuum cleaner that he also deemed too ineffective in performance as well. Frustrated at this, opened the vacuum cleaner to determine the real cause of the problem.

Upon realising that is was unit was under-performing due to the effects of clogging, he, later on, decided to unveil his prototype vacuum. Dyson was well known for his ability to source his ideas from equipment such as the sawmill, which he, later on, incorporate into his cyclone vacuum.

Technologies behind the Dyson Success

Here are some of the notable technologies that the Dyson brand is responsible for producing:

Cyclone technology

amazing cleaning technologyThis particular Dyson vacuum cleaner uses unique cyclonic separation techniques to eliminate the effects of dust as well as other particles from the air.

The unwanted air enters the chamber of the vacuum otherwise known as the cyclone, where it is channelled into a compact spiral. Following this, special centrifugal force is then used to emit the particles out of the airflow and into the wall of the container. This type of vacuum cleaner has various stages of cyclones with very high suction power.

Air multiplier

The Dyson Air Multiplier us a household tool that can also be used as a fan for cooling purposes. The idea was first pioneered in late 2009, and the unusual aspect of this unit is that the fan was enclosed within the body of the unit. This unit works by pushing air through a special annular aperture that is forward facing, and it comes with a vertical ring-shaped frame otherwise known as the amplifier.

Here is their new product:

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