Refrigerators for shops and restaurants

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Refrigerators for shops and restaurants

Do you run a restaurant or are you going to open one? Wondering what kind of refrigerator equipment is needed for this type of business?

Don’t say any more! Ice-shop will light your lantern!

A restaurant needs a lot of different types of refrigerated furniture, some of which are used to keep your food (meat, dairy, vegetables, etc.) fresh but also to prepare your dishes.

zoazapapzpazizpazpapppppaapwwwwwwOne of the essential elements is the negative cold room to preserve mainly large meats that cannot go to the freezer. It is ideal for storing meats such as pork or beef.

You will also need a refrigerated cabinet, either positive or negative (freezer cabinet), which fits perfectly in a kitchen. There’s nothing better to keep your daily fresh produce such as fish, salad or other fruits and vegetables.

The refrigerated work table is also very popular with restaurants, it allows both to preserve food but also to prepare your dishes thanks to its stainless steel work table.

An ice machine or crushed ice machine is often used by restaurateurs to fill champagne jumps to cool champagne or wine bottles. The ice cubes in the drinks are of course ideal to make them very cool.

What doesn’t good restaurant offer wine? None! That’s why you will need a wine cellar (or even several). It allows you to keep your wines at a temperature of around 10 – 13°C, in an adapted hygrometry and in pure air.

The refrigerated maturation cabinet is used by restaurants to store meat while keeping it juicy and tasty. The chocolate cupboard allows you to keep your chocolates for desserts in optimal conditions to serve your customers the best quality chocolate possible!

Some restaurants also offer a bar, for this type of restaurant you will also need refrigerated display cabinets and back bar to store and display your drinks. The ice machine will allow you to fill your alcoholic beverages such as whiskey or cocktails.

Coolrooms for shops

Supermarkets offering food need a whole host of refrigerators, but not just any, and yes, there are very specific refrigerators completely adapted to the needs of a store.

zoazapapzpazizpazpapppppaapwwwwwwThat’s all well and good, but what do we really need? Ice-shop being specialized in the sale of professional refrigeration equipment will show you the refrigerators and freezers most used by supermarkets.

One of the classics is the wall-mounted refrigerator (preferably glass), which preserves a lot of fresh products such as yogurts, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, and meat. There are two types of wall-mounted refrigerators, the positive (fresh products) and negative (frozen). Find more about coolrooms for stores here

The fridge display case is also very well represented as it allows to keep drinks while exhibiting them, the customer can choose at ease and then open the fridge when his choice is made, thus avoiding an unnecessary loss of energy and cold.

The freezer with domed or flat glass is very useful to put frozen food and pizzas in it. Its sliding door greatly reduces the loss of cold (cold descends) as it opens on the upper side of the freezer.

The cold room is sometimes used either in the store itself (Colruyt) or in the warehouse. Of course, to preserve all the fresh products.

The 4-sided glass fridge can also be used if the shop sells pastries.

The refrigerated display case is sometimes used by some stores mainly to present products such as cheese or meat, there is often a specialist behind the counter to point you in the right direction.

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