Home Improvement Projects: Important Things You Must Know

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Home Improvement Projects: Important Things You Must Know

If you need help for the renovation or repairing of your home, there are several things that you must understand before taking the service of a home improvement contractor (HIC).

The first thing is to know what HIC is.

A contractor may refer to anyone who operates, owns, conduct maintains or controls a home improvement business. They are also the one who undertakes or agrees to perform any home improvement or contracts therefor; they are either the prime contractor or the subcontractor.

The home improvement salesperson can be referred to anyone who offers or negotiates a home improvement contract with the property owner.

If you are asked to take the service of a contractor, the salesperson who is conducting, the soliciting will need a Home Improvement Salesperson license. Is the contractor is also the seller; he or she will need both the HIC and the Home Improvement Salesperson licenses.

You will also need the home improvement contract. It is the agreement that is made by a contractor to work on the residence of a tenant or homeowner.

The agreement pertains to the promises of the contractor to the tenant or owner to conduct all the labour and services to accomplish all the materials that are specified under the terms and conditions of the contract. An agreement is critical because it will protect you once the contractor did not accomplish the business or if the job done is substandard.

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It is also important that your contractor is licensed. Licensed-holders undergo a serious criminal background check, pass the necessary examinations, pay a license fee, and contribute to Trust Fund to give restitution to the consumers.

Remember that a permit cannot guarantee that the contractor will always participate in the right conduct of business.
However, it allows the Consumer Affairs the right to act on your side. Once you already identified your contractor, it is about time to make and estimation of your home improvement project.

One of the best and possible ways of getting a calculation of the cost of the home improvement work is through other contractors. Ask the estimation of at least three contractors. HIC should create a written estimate based on the request and provide a copy to the consumer. The HIC must tell in advance the customer that the estimated written cost of the labour and material for the home improvement job is incorporated. If a contractor asks for charges in the supply of a written estimate, you must be informed early on how much fee will be imposed.


Once you hire a contractor, the estimated costs must also be itemised and incorporated into the overall contract price. Nothing should be left to chance. Every HIC must be in written and duly signed by both parties appearing on the contract.

The salesperson or the contractor must provide the consumer with a full, legible copy of the written agreement from the moment of signing and before the work is accomplished. Once you consider these for your home improvement project, you are surely safe from possible liabilities.

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