Our Business Success Formula

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Our Business Success Formula

Finding the motivation to start a business can be challenging. You have a great initial idea and a lot of drive to live a new life pursuing your dreams but after that everything gets harder.

You’re not sure what to do; your enthusiasm turns to doubts and fears and it begins to feel like starting a business is for other people.


The good news for anyone feeling lost and unsure is that other people have pursued most endeavours.
Some of these people were very successful and bright. Some of these very fruitful and clever people wrote books, produced audio tapes or created courses to tell others how to do things.

If you want to open a restaurant, a hedge fund company or a golfing range, then the chances are someone has made a detailed explanation somewhere of how to do it. You can also make appointments with business owners and ask them directly for advice on how to get started.

plan carefully before acting

Plan carefully before acting

People often get stuck on the fact that they don’t know what to do. If it were obvious, everyone would be doing it. Remember that all of the information in your life that you have acquired so far has been learned. There’s nothing negative about not possessing information and going out to acquire new things.


Once you have the information necessary to pursue your business dream you need to create a plan of how you will go about this. Remember, plans can change as you go along but you have to have a plan to improve it. Trying to go along reacting to things as they happen is not a recipe for success.

Set out a detailed overview of what you need to do and how you are going to do it. If you want to open your golf course what needs to get done for that to happen.? What will you do first? What achievements need to be reached? Do you need additional education, staff or bank funding?

Get a clear picture of what needs to be done. Then you have a road map to set out and do it.

Goal Set

Once you know what needs to be done, you may feel overwhelmed once again. A vast sea of tasks and obstacles lay before you.

It is where the process of goal setting comes into play. Divide your plan up into achievable goals. You can do this regarding the work that needs to be done or in chucks of time.

Divide your plan up into achievable goals

Divide your plan up into achievable goals

Get to the point where your whole plan is separated into goal posts. From the first initial steps all the way up to the finishing touches that seem so far away at the start. Goal setting makes big tasks seem achievable. You can celebrate each goal milestone to cement your progress. Goal setting and milestones are well recognised at increasing the chances of success.

Follow this formula of research, planning and dividing into goals and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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