Home Improvement Projects: Important Things You Must Know

Mar 27, 2017 by

Home Improvement Projects: Important Things You Must Know

If you need help for the renovation or repairing of your home, there are several things that you must understand before taking the service of a home improvement contractor (HIC).

The first thing is to know what HIC is.

A contractor may refer to anyone who operates, owns, conduct maintains or controls a home improvement business. They are also the one who undertakes or agrees to perform any home improvement or contracts therefor; they are either the prime contractor or the subcontractor.

The home improvement salesperson can be referred to anyone who offers or negotiates a home improvement contract with the property owner.

If you are asked to take the service of a contractor, the salesperson who is conducting, the soliciting will need a Home Improvement Salesperson license. Is the contractor is also the seller; he or she will need both the HIC and the Home Improvement Salesperson licenses.

You will also need the home improvement contract. It is the agreement that is made by a contractor to work on the residence of a tenant or homeowner.

The agreement pertains to the promises of the contractor to the tenant or owner to conduct all the labour and services to accomplish all the materials that are specified under the terms and conditions of the contract. An agreement is critical because it will protect you once the contractor did not accomplish the business or if the job done is substandard.

get a house makeover


It is also important that your contractor is licensed. Licensed-holders undergo a serious criminal background check, pass the necessary examinations, pay a license fee, and contribute to Trust Fund to give restitution to the consumers.

Remember that a permit cannot guarantee that the contractor will always participate in the right conduct of business.
However, it allows the Consumer Affairs the right to act on your side. Once you already identified your contractor, it is about time to make and estimation of your home improvement project.

One of the best and possible ways of getting a calculation of the cost of the home improvement work is through other contractors. Ask the estimation of at least three contractors. HIC should create a written estimate based on the request and provide a copy to the consumer. The HIC must tell in advance the customer that the estimated written cost of the labour and material for the home improvement job is incorporated. If a contractor asks for charges in the supply of a written estimate, you must be informed early on how much fee will be imposed.


Once you hire a contractor, the estimated costs must also be itemised and incorporated into the overall contract price. Nothing should be left to chance. Every HIC must be in written and duly signed by both parties appearing on the contract.

The salesperson or the contractor must provide the consumer with a full, legible copy of the written agreement from the moment of signing and before the work is accomplished. Once you consider these for your home improvement project, you are surely safe from possible liabilities.

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Your Guide for a Good Air Conditioner

Feb 17, 2017 by

Your Guide for a Good Air Conditioner

The air conditioner has been a device of complete comfort in hot regions, and this generation of the human race isn’t the first to derive a means of cooling.

It’s been a thing of ages for people to desire a comfortable environment and from time past. They’ve all found a way to make their own warm or hot regions, cool and comfortable for their stay.

How does the air conditioner work?

An air conditioner doesn’t just cool a place but, it also dehumidifies the area by simply removing the moisture from the air. The components of an air conditioner include a compressor, and evaporator, a condenser, the fans and then the expansion valves.

This is how it works, the compressor converts the refrigerant gas into a liquid, and then this liquid is pumped into the cooling coil. After being pumped, it expands and then forms a gas that absorbs heat from the air that’s blown over the coil.

The expansion valves have the function of regulating how much liquid refrigerant will be pressed through the system from the condenser down to the evaporator. This system is a closed system and has its coolant circulating through the tubes to all the components. The moisture from the air will be condensed, while the temperature is reduced and routed to a pan, pail or the drain.

Types of Air-conditioning Units

There are different types of aircon, and they are as follows:

Portable AC

This AC is suitable for a single room of about 550 feet. It has also got other important features like its wheels, which were designed that way to make it portable, the oscillating louvres that bring the cooling effect, its digital thermostat, a remote control and very easy to place ducts. Just as it is portable, it is easy to use as well.

Window AC

mitsubishi converter outsideThe window AC is a bigger and more accommodating AC than the portable one. It can be used in a single room with about 1600 square feet and will be very effective. This Aircon has a very easy to access filter, it also has directional louvres, and it’s equally ductless. With it, comes a remote control for regulation and then a timer that helps to turn on or off the AC unit. It also has a variable speed fan and a digital thermostat just like the portable air conditioner. And so If this is your type, then you should get it.

Mini split air conditioner

The mini split air conditioner can be used in four single rooms, meaning it’s a lot bigger than the windows aircon. If you’re going to be getting this, then you might as well, know what’s in store for you. The minis split is a ductless unit with directional louvres, a remote control like the others, a timer and variable speed fan, an energy efficient compressor and a heat pump. People popularly use this unit with semi-large apartments or offices.

Central Air Conditioner

The central air con is one with a lot of features. It can be used for an entire building, yes it’s that big. Like every other unit, it’s got its variable speed fan, energy efficient compressor, ducts, a remote control, and a thermostat.

an exterior ac unit

But the unique thing about this thermostat is that it is programmable and can be used to set or change settings and preselected times, it has an option of fan only, and its dehumidification is also improved compared, to the other ones.

Furthermore, you can send this unit into a sleep mode using the timer, and also clean at will, or better still wait for the unit to show its filter light that signifies it’s cleaning time. The best thing about this unit is that its refrigerant is very environmentally friendly and will cause no hazardous damages, whether health or otherwise.

airflow control all day longWhen you’re looking to buy an air conditioner, you will first have to make a choice of which of these types suit you the most before you begin to consider the brand or the cost of it. If you can get the one that suits your apartment, there are different brands and online markets to buy from. You only need make a choice.


The benefits of an AC doesn’t even need to be explained tall more of over-emphasis. You already, know the level of comfort you would be getting from an air conditioner most especially if you’re in a hot region or your climate is always warm.

Getting the comfort is a real deal, but making the right choice is quite another, and it’s important that you make a choice before stepping out to make this exciting purchase.

Find more in this comprehensive eBay guide.

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5 Tips for Improved Teamwork

Dec 12, 2016 by

5 Tips for Improved Teamwork

Perhaps there is no magic formula. However, we highlight here 5 Tips that employers can take into account to improve the way they work efficiently with their teams.

All people in business and entrepreneurs recognise that teamwork is one of the first actions that allow achieving the objectives and goals effectively.

However, in the process live different learning experiences that challenge us and teach us to develop skills to work effectively with other people who have different personalities, professions and work rhythms.

Based on the experience and on discussions I had with people in business and entrepreneurs have shown some practical strategies.

These are:

Capture and fire. Two of the knowledge that a team leader must develop is select their people very well, above all choose the most talented are not necessarily the most experienced. In the same way and at the right time, making the decision to get rid of someone who is affecting the dynamics of the team. Course than before firing is needed previously an analysis that takes into account always should be hard with the problem and gentle with people.

Create an enabling environment. Taking care of the workplace is of great importance to keep talents motivated. An environment that is conducive to respect for the ideas, where collaborative work is valued, will attain the synergy between people and where does not prevail the interest for personal recognition.

helping each other is the key

Incorporate time management. On computers, it is very easy to fall in daily consumption and operability, generating dissatisfaction and in breach of the objectives. Therefore, the leader must create time techniques, oriented to plan activities that will lead to the achievement of the targets in advance.

Accompany and take responsibility. It is recommended to create spaces weekly or bi-weekly to follow the team. Not only with the objective of responding to delegated tasks, but also to make an accompaniment and guide to the challenges posed by the development of responsibilities.

Co-create teamwork. It is one of the techniques most used by new companies. The staff is invited to an opening in the communication, to be flexible with changes and directions that arise, and where all the prospects and point of views are added to create innovative solutions.

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The Incredible Success of the Dyson Brand

Nov 14, 2016 by

The Incredible Success of the Dyson Brand

Dyson Brand History

Dyson Brand company is British-based firm that works in the manufacture and design of equipment such as bladeless fans and vacuum cleaners among many others.

It’s regarded as a multinational company with several employees and company branches located all over the world. The company started when the founder, James Dyson encountered some complications with the traditional wheelbarrow design that he deemed as fatiguing and inconvenient.

For this reason, he went on to produce his unique prototype that was prevalently known as the ball barrow. Besides that, Dyson once bought a vacuum cleaner that he also deemed too ineffective in performance as well. Frustrated at this, opened the vacuum cleaner to determine the real cause of the problem.

Upon realising that is was unit was under-performing due to the effects of clogging, he, later on, decided to unveil his prototype vacuum. Dyson was well known for his ability to source his ideas from equipment such as the sawmill, which he, later on, incorporate into his cyclone vacuum.

Technologies behind the Dyson Success

Here are some of the notable technologies that the Dyson brand is responsible for producing:

Cyclone technology

amazing cleaning technologyThis particular Dyson vacuum cleaner uses unique cyclonic separation techniques to eliminate the effects of dust as well as other particles from the air.

The unwanted air enters the chamber of the vacuum otherwise known as the cyclone, where it is channelled into a compact spiral. Following this, special centrifugal force is then used to emit the particles out of the airflow and into the wall of the container. This type of vacuum cleaner has various stages of cyclones with very high suction power.

Air multiplier

The Dyson Air Multiplier us a household tool that can also be used as a fan for cooling purposes. The idea was first pioneered in late 2009, and the unusual aspect of this unit is that the fan was enclosed within the body of the unit. This unit works by pushing air through a special annular aperture that is forward facing, and it comes with a vertical ring-shaped frame otherwise known as the amplifier.

Here is their new product:

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Our Business Success Formula

Aug 29, 2016 by

Our Business Success Formula

Finding the motivation to start a business can be challenging. You have a great initial idea and a lot of drive to live a new life pursuing your dreams but after that everything gets harder.

You’re not sure what to do; your enthusiasm turns to doubts and fears and it begins to feel like starting a business is for other people.


The good news for anyone feeling lost and unsure is that other people have pursued most endeavours.
Some of these people were very successful and bright. Some of these very fruitful and clever people wrote books, produced audio tapes or created courses to tell others how to do things.

If you want to open a restaurant, a hedge fund company or a golfing range, then the chances are someone has made a detailed explanation somewhere of how to do it. You can also make appointments with business owners and ask them directly for advice on how to get started.

plan carefully before acting

Plan carefully before acting

People often get stuck on the fact that they don’t know what to do. If it were obvious, everyone would be doing it. Remember that all of the information in your life that you have acquired so far has been learned. There’s nothing negative about not possessing information and going out to acquire new things.


Once you have the information necessary to pursue your business dream you need to create a plan of how you will go about this. Remember, plans can change as you go along but you have to have a plan to improve it. Trying to go along reacting to things as they happen is not a recipe for success.

Set out a detailed overview of what you need to do and how you are going to do it. If you want to open your golf course what needs to get done for that to happen.? What will you do first? What achievements need to be reached? Do you need additional education, staff or bank funding?

Get a clear picture of what needs to be done. Then you have a road map to set out and do it.

Goal Set

Once you know what needs to be done, you may feel overwhelmed once again. A vast sea of tasks and obstacles lay before you.

It is where the process of goal setting comes into play. Divide your plan up into achievable goals. You can do this regarding the work that needs to be done or in chucks of time.

Divide your plan up into achievable goals

Divide your plan up into achievable goals

Get to the point where your whole plan is separated into goal posts. From the first initial steps all the way up to the finishing touches that seem so far away at the start. Goal setting makes big tasks seem achievable. You can celebrate each goal milestone to cement your progress. Goal setting and milestones are well recognised at increasing the chances of success.

Follow this formula of research, planning and dividing into goals and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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