Refrigerators for shops and restaurants

Nov 22, 2017 by

Refrigerators for shops and restaurants

Do you run a restaurant or are you going to open one? Wondering what kind of refrigerator equipment is needed for this type of business?

Don’t say any more! Ice-shop will light your lantern!

A restaurant needs a lot of different types of refrigerated furniture, some of which are used to keep your food (meat, dairy, vegetables, etc.) fresh but also to prepare your dishes.

zoazapapzpazizpazpapppppaapwwwwwwOne of the essential elements is the negative cold room to preserve mainly large meats that cannot go to the freezer. It is ideal for storing meats such as pork or beef.

You will also need a refrigerated cabinet, either positive or negative (freezer cabinet), which fits perfectly in a kitchen. There’s nothing better to keep your daily fresh produce such as fish, salad or other fruits and vegetables.

The refrigerated work table is also very popular with restaurants, it allows both to preserve food but also to prepare your dishes thanks to its stainless steel work table.

An ice machine or crushed ice machine is often used by restaurateurs to fill champagne jumps to cool champagne or wine bottles. The ice cubes in the drinks are of course ideal to make them very cool.

What doesn’t good restaurant offer wine? None! That’s why you will need a wine cellar (or even several). It allows you to keep your wines at a temperature of around 10 – 13°C, in an adapted hygrometry and in pure air.

The refrigerated maturation cabinet is used by restaurants to store meat while keeping it juicy and tasty. The chocolate cupboard allows you to keep your chocolates for desserts in optimal conditions to serve your customers the best quality chocolate possible!

Some restaurants also offer a bar, for this type of restaurant you will also need refrigerated display cabinets and back bar to store and display your drinks. The ice machine will allow you to fill your alcoholic beverages such as whiskey or cocktails.

Coolrooms for shops

Supermarkets offering food need a whole host of refrigerators, but not just any, and yes, there are very specific refrigerators completely adapted to the needs of a store.

zoazapapzpazizpazpapppppaapwwwwwwThat’s all well and good, but what do we really need? Ice-shop being specialized in the sale of professional refrigeration equipment will show you the refrigerators and freezers most used by supermarkets.

One of the classics is the wall-mounted refrigerator (preferably glass), which preserves a lot of fresh products such as yogurts, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, and meat. There are two types of wall-mounted refrigerators, the positive (fresh products) and negative (frozen). Find more about coolrooms for stores here

The fridge display case is also very well represented as it allows to keep drinks while exhibiting them, the customer can choose at ease and then open the fridge when his choice is made, thus avoiding an unnecessary loss of energy and cold.

The freezer with domed or flat glass is very useful to put frozen food and pizzas in it. Its sliding door greatly reduces the loss of cold (cold descends) as it opens on the upper side of the freezer.

The cold room is sometimes used either in the store itself (Colruyt) or in the warehouse. Of course, to preserve all the fresh products.

The 4-sided glass fridge can also be used if the shop sells pastries.

The refrigerated display case is sometimes used by some stores mainly to present products such as cheese or meat, there is often a specialist behind the counter to point you in the right direction.

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57 million Uber users were hacked into in 2016

Nov 22, 2017 by

57 million Uber users were hacked into in 2016

Usernames, e-mail addresses, and mobile phone numbers have been stolen.

Uber’s CEO on Tuesday revealed that data from 57 million users worldwide, including 600,000 drivers, were hacked at the end of 2016, claiming to have only “recently”learned it.

The names and license numbers of Uber drivers have also been hacked.

By external expertise, the company’s boss stated that the users’ journey history, card and bank account numbers, social security numbers and dates of birth would not have been pirated.

Dara Khosrowshahi, who was appointed the head of Uber at the end of August, stressed that he was informed “recently” of this incident. “None of this should have happened, and I will find no excuse,” he added.

Two individuals outside the company would be responsible for this piracy, he said. They entered a cloud (dematerialized server) used by the company and downloaded the information.

$100,000 paid to hackers

hack of uberTwo members of Uber’s security services,”responsible for managing” the problem, who did not warn users that their data had been hacked, are also “no longer part of the company.”

Uber allegedly paid $100,000 to the hackers to prevent them from disclosing the existence of this incident and destroying the information collected, according to a source close to the file.

The ex-PDG warned

Dara Khosrowshahi stressed that he had questioned whether the information was relayed only one year after the fact. It also considers that the company failed by failing to immediately inform the victims of this piracy and the authorities. Former controversial boss Travis Kalanick was reportedly warned of piracy, according to a source close to the case.

Piracy issues in series

taxi services at warThis piracy is the last of a long series in the United States. At the beginning of September, Equifax, which collects and analyses the personal data of customers who apply for credit, revealed an intrusion from mid-May to the end of July in its databases.

The personal information (names, social security numbers, dates of birth…) of more than 145 million American customers and others in Canada and Great Britain had been stolen.

In early October, the Wall Street Journal revealed that computer hackers had also stolen secret documents from the US intelligence services.

The hacking was allegedly carried out using infected Microsoft Office software, according to the Russian security company Kaspersky Lab, whose software had been accused. The flight would have taken place between September and November 2014.

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Most valuable reasons for hiring commercial cleaning services

Jul 25, 2017 by

Most valuable reasons for hiring commercial cleaning services

Running a business in the modern environment is not just as easy as you might think. The world is steadily growing, which is why every business owner needs to make sure that their activities become outstanding in as many aspects as possible. If you need to gain a competitive edge in the business industry, there are various factors you will need to consider.
As much as investing in marketing is important to business, you could also consider marketing your business using other more affordable options. The other options you could use include being understanding to your clients, maintain hygiene, among other options.

However, this article will focus on the importance of commercial cleaning in the business environment. Below are the reasons as to why a company needs to hire commercial cleaning services:

Make a fantastic first impression on clients

If your office is clean and inviting, prospective customers will get a positive vibe about it and perhaps it could mean that you can comfortably work together. Besides, you will also feel confident that your clients will find the place conducive for business This is sufficient reason for you to call in cleaners to make it spanking clean.

Give your staff a clean working environment

desk cleaning employeeIf your employees work in a clean environment, nothing can stop them from giving their best. They can concentrate on their core expertise and work well. No one will ever complain of falling sick because the environment isn’t clean enough. If employees work uninterruptedly, they will make your business highly successful.

Getting the best from professionals

If you think you can save a lot of money by asking an employee to clean your office, you’re missing the point. What you don’t see is that cleaning an office is a professional job like any other. It needs good knowledge and training of how to clean, the right supplies to use, etc. So, it makes sense to call in someone who knows his job just like you know yours.

Work fast and leave no corner undone

There are several sizes of offices that are sprawled across several floors of one building or several buildings. Whatever the size of a company, office cleaning professionals work fast and never leave out anything for lack of time. All the corners and tricky areas are always cleaned with the help of modern cleaning equipment that covers a large surface area in less time.

Choose your cleaning schedule

By hiring a janitorial service, you can choose your frequency of cleaning. Perhaps, you want the company in every day or perhaps once a week is fine. Everything depends on the size of your organization, footfalls coming in and your office schedule. Depending also on when the office is empty of staff, the cleaning schedule can be set up.

surface cleaners in a company

Cleaning after office hours

Once you appoint a professional cleaning agency to take charge of your office’s cleanliness and hygiene, you can mutually decide the time of day that they will work in your office. If it is after office hours, it means the day after it is cleaned, you walk into a spanking clean office. Plus, your staff works undisturbed during the day.

Extra services

Some office cleaning services add on more services for their regular clients. These services include pest control, water, and fire damage restoration and sanitizing.

Considering the above benefits, you decide as a business owner, what works best for you; whether to outsource a professional job to professionals or have a hack job done by someone you know. But remember, professional cleaning shows good results that everyone can see and appreciate.

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Quality prints are critical for medical businesses

Jul 19, 2017 by

Quality prints are critical for medical businesses

Within the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the importance of having documentation and sheets ready to sign off and provide to patients is paramount.

Medical industry printing services are precious and offer an enormous amount of useful services to the people who use them.

Things like billing forms, prescription forms, medical records and various other little tidbits have to be registered in real time to ensure that people can get the help that they need in becoming attuned with what they need, as well as to provide easy and straightforward to understand references to patients.

Not your average prints!

letterhead printing servicesHowever, it’s important to take into consideration the importance of dealing with medical industry printing equipment in the right way – contrary to common beliefs; it’s not as easy as just printing it all off the same way as you would with a standard printer.

One of the most common problems is getting this balance right, and using the right printing tools is vital for the long-term success of the business. The majority of the problems that come up, however, can be solved with relatively little problems on your end – a lot of them can even be solved on your own!

Getting the right equipment

If you have the right printing equipment (Sony are one of the most trusted brands for medical printing form equipment) then you need to consider all of the following problems as something you might eventually run into along the way;

Medical bills and medical forms can come out not lined up correctly – this is due to a formatting issue with the printer settings or the document settings. By just raising the structure within the printer, you can usually solve this program with relatively little problems.

However, the forms themselves do need to be manipulated in the right way and sometimes the programming for each form – which has to be done manually – can come out wrong on the other end. To fix this problem, you just need to work with the software developers that you use to get your printing equipment.

What about when the form won’t print, though? What should you do then?

It’s important to know that you have set up all the information correctly and that the print queue is working in the right way. Sometimes, though, this can be caused by an internal database issue elsewhere separate from the printer – corruption in the file data or a blank medical record for a patient.

Check the file to ensure it’s there, and then if it is you should go and speak to the IT support team to correct this issue as it’s a relatively big problem

If the form is not aligned when you put it all together, the problem will typically be that the program is printing either too soon or too late. To fix this, you just need to change the starting on the document itself

Your most powerful solution to this is having the best medical printing equipment possible; you need to get things prepared by working with the right equipment, backed up by the right level of support staff

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Renovating ? Make sure you take care of your Waste

Mar 29, 2017 by

Renovating ? Make sure you take care of your Waste

Sometimes referred to as Marrell bins, uses the lift system to provide versatility as a lift bin. In Australia, the bins can be used for several purposes such as in construction sites, they can also be used to carry heavy and none compatible waste such as bricks, sand and timber.
Also the bins can be used to manage the waste that comes from renovating houses. Simply, the containers are convenient when it comes to one-off waste requirements. In this article, we will be informing you of some of the features of these bins, their benefits and where their services can be acquired from.

What are the features of skip bins?

Some of their basic features include;

Skip bins vary from size to size. The one that you will employ will depend on the amount of waste to be disposed of. The smallest skip bin can carry up to 2 cubic meters while the largest can carry up to 12 cubic meters of waste.


The bins are constructed from strong materials making them ideal to be used even in rough places like construction sites and still be able to serve their purpose conveniently.

What are the advantages of using skip bins?

With their features, skip bins are bound to have a lot of benefits, and sure enough they have not disappointed. Below are some of the advantages of employing their services;

Serves to protect the environment

By hiring these bins, the waste will be discarded in a professional manner thereby conserving the environment.
This is so because skip bin companies take their time to take your waste to a site where they are sorted, and proper disposal is done. It is in contrary to dumping all the waste in a common dump site which is not environmentally friendly.

It is convenient

Using the services of a skip hire company will save you a lot of time, effort and money thereby enhancing convenience. Making trips to a dump site can be time-consuming, and a lot of effort is used in the process.

Also, the dumpsite management can charge you exorbitant dumpsite charges as costs for maintenance. All these can be countered by simply hiring the services of a skip hire company.

Safety is guaranteed

The safest way to work is by having one place in which all the things that are not in use can be dumped.

In a construction site, for instance, skip bins can be of much help as all the waste can be deposited in there. By doing this, the risk of accidents and damages are significantly reduced.

Proper financial management

Since the skip bins companies put out a clear fee of what they are going to charge you in 24 hours, they help you manage your finances properly. You won’t have to dwell on approximation anymore. It allows you to also minimise the chances of overspending.

In Australia, skip bins are of absolute importance.

They are convenient as they help you save money, time and effort. With all their features, the skip bins are also safe to use as they advocate for an environmentally friendly practice. Their services can be acquired from the many companies around the country and can also be found online. If you are looking for a skip bin company in Perth WA head over to

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