A Look at Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway

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A Look at Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway

A popular money-suck that seems to be still in favour is the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway. Perhaps “money-suck” is a tinge too antagonistic, though, for the various engines and pieces of track on which the money is spent are greatly enjoyed. Love and popularity merit sacrifice.

What on earth is this?

Sacrifice may be needed, but what is it needed for? What is this “Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway?” The basic concept is that there are pieces of wooden tracks, which one fits together, and there are wooden trains, carriages, and diesel engines, which are designed after the characters of Thomas the Tank Engine. Once the wooden railway has been put together, one pushes the engines so that they canter along the laid tracks. They even offer wooden play kitchens!

Why would it be particularly costly?

kid playing with her wooden trainThe point of play sounds simple enough. What is does not show, however, is why it is expensive. Well, the cause of the costliness is that the selection is vast. The vast quality of the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway might remind one of the Pokémon “Gotta catch ‘em all” mentality when it comes to the characters riding upon the tracks. After all, when individual trains are worth around ten dollars or pounds, and trains that come with an accessory carriage are worth around eighteen pounds or dollars, then one is bound to pay quite a bit.

It is the range of tracks, though, that are impressive. It is not a matter of a simplistic circular design that goes nowhere but around and around. No, unadorned track come in different lengths; some are bendy; others are a double lane. “But,” you may ask here, “if these are plain tracks, are there ones that do more?” Yes, of course. One can buy railroad crossings, duck crossings, train sheds and garages, tunnels and bridges, wood chippers and water towers, and workshops. One can also not buy these and buy an entirely different but equally large selection; the amount spent just rises with one’s ingenuity.

For whom is this made?

With the abyss of creativity packaged with these trains and tracks, one can wonder, “Who is the target audience?” The answer is undoubtedly children, but is that the whole answer or only a part of it? There is a large number of children who are disposed to arranging the pieces and running the railway, however, there is also a number that is not so competent, but like shoving engines around anyway. The latter tend to employ their parents. The parents, or at least some of them, enjoy playing with the pieces. Because of this, they can easily fall through their wallet’s hole to please themselves as much as their child.

Final Summation

Yes, the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway can get expensive. It is, however, a popular and enduring franchise. Is this due in part to it being Thomas the Tank Engine? Yes, obviously. That, though, does not completely overshadow the pure contentment that one can find in the toys.

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