57 million Uber users were hacked into in 2016

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57 million Uber users were hacked into in 2016

Usernames, e-mail addresses, and mobile phone numbers have been stolen.

Uber’s CEO on Tuesday revealed that data from 57 million users worldwide, including 600,000 drivers, were hacked at the end of 2016, claiming to have only “recently”learned it.

The names and license numbers of Uber drivers have also been hacked.

By external expertise, the company’s boss stated that the users’ journey history, card and bank account numbers, social security numbers and dates of birth would not have been pirated.

Dara Khosrowshahi, who was appointed the head of Uber at the end of August, stressed that he was informed “recently” of this incident. “None of this should have happened, and I will find no excuse,” he added.

Two individuals outside the company would be responsible for this piracy, he said. They entered a cloud (dematerialized server) used by the company and downloaded the information.

$100,000 paid to hackers

hack of uberTwo members of Uber’s security services,”responsible for managing” the problem, who did not warn users that their data had been hacked, are also “no longer part of the company.”

Uber allegedly paid $100,000 to the hackers to prevent them from disclosing the existence of this incident and destroying the information collected, according to a source close to the file.

The ex-PDG warned

Dara Khosrowshahi stressed that he had questioned whether the information was relayed only one year after the fact. It also considers that the company failed by failing to immediately inform the victims of this piracy and the authorities. Former controversial boss Travis Kalanick was reportedly warned of piracy, according to a source close to the case.

Piracy issues in series

taxi services at warThis piracy is the last of a long series in the United States. At the beginning of September, Equifax, which collects and analyses the personal data of customers who apply for credit, revealed an intrusion from mid-May to the end of July in its databases.

The personal information (names, social security numbers, dates of birth…) of more than 145 million American customers and others in Canada and Great Britain had been stolen.

In early October, the Wall Street Journal revealed that computer hackers had also stolen secret documents from the US intelligence services.

The hacking was allegedly carried out using infected Microsoft Office software, according to the Russian security company Kaspersky Lab, whose software had been accused. The flight would have taken place between September and November 2014.

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