5 Tips for Improved Teamwork

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5 Tips for Improved Teamwork

Perhaps there is no magic formula. However, we highlight here 5 Tips that employers can take into account to improve the way they work efficiently with their teams.

All people in business and entrepreneurs recognise that teamwork is one of the first actions that allow achieving the objectives and goals effectively.

However, in the process live different learning experiences that challenge us and teach us to develop skills to work effectively with other people who have different personalities, professions and work rhythms.

Based on the experience and on discussions I had with people in business and entrepreneurs have shown some practical strategies.

These are:

Capture and fire. Two of the knowledge that a team leader must develop is select their people very well, above all choose the most talented are not necessarily the most experienced. In the same way and at the right time, making the decision to get rid of someone who is affecting the dynamics of the team. Course than before firing is needed previously an analysis that takes into account always should be hard with the problem and gentle with people.

Create an enabling environment. Taking care of the workplace is of great importance to keep talents motivated. An environment that is conducive to respect for the ideas, where collaborative work is valued, will attain the synergy between people and where does not prevail the interest for personal recognition.

helping each other is the key

Incorporate time management. On computers, it is very easy to fall in daily consumption and operability, generating dissatisfaction and in breach of the objectives. Therefore, the leader must create time techniques, oriented to plan activities that will lead to the achievement of the targets in advance.

Accompany and take responsibility. It is recommended to create spaces weekly or bi-weekly to follow the team. Not only with the objective of responding to delegated tasks, but also to make an accompaniment and guide to the challenges posed by the development of responsibilities.

Co-create teamwork. It is one of the techniques most used by new companies. The staff is invited to an opening in the communication, to be flexible with changes and directions that arise, and where all the prospects and point of views are added to create innovative solutions.

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