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Company Profile

http://www.planaqua.de 28309 Bremen
Hemelinger Hafendamm 18

The planning and erection of environmental technical plants requires engineers to combine new technology with modern science.
With substantial field experience in engineering and construction of numerous municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants our engineers want to stand on your side to develop optimal solutions for your problems under both technical and economical aspects.

National and international engineering know-how, long-time contacts to civil construction and electro-mechanical engineering and construction companies, and extensive experience in application of newest technologies created a solid platform and optimal benefits for our clients. The performance spectrum of STULZ-PLANAQUA covers all engineering services from the development of first concepts to the turn-key construction and operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities.
STULZ-PLANAQUA is specialising in membrane bioreactor technology with submerged an cross-flow membrane filtration, technologies like flotation, membrane filtration (RO, NF,UF,MF), mixed-media-filtration, biofiltration and packed-bed-reactor. We also offer consultancy, laboratory and pilot tests with our test plants, analysis in our own laboratory, plant construction, project-management, erection, initiation and service.

Fields of MBR-Technology
Process engineering
Plant construction
Plant operation
Research & development

Applications of MBR-Technology
Municipal household MBR (4-200 pe)
Municipal small size (200-5000 pe)
Municipal medium size (5000-100000 pe)
Municipal large size (>100000 pe)
Pilot plant supply and operation
Industrial wastewaters

Sven Dr. Lübbecke
Phone: 0421/6265714
Fax: 0421/6265711
URL: http://www.planaqua.de

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